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The Baldrige Critera

How Is Center For Advanced Learning Different From Traditional Schools?
The nationally acclaimed Malcolm Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence (read more), which requires a school to focus on continuous systemic improvement and performance excellence, will be used to actively support, implement, and ensure the success of CAL students. Baldrige helps educators, parents, students, and the community focus on data and results to determine goals, action plans, and processes for improvement. It gives us the tools to hold everyone accountable. 
The Criteria, comprised of eleven Core Values/Best Practices and seven Categories, provide a dynamic framework for continuous improvement. The categories and Core Values/Best Practices help organizations assess how well they are doing and are practical and useful for school improvement planning. 
The Criteria are built upon the following set of eleven interrelated Core Values that describe Best Practices required of schools focused on performance excellence:
   1. Visionary Leadership
   2. Learning-Centered Education
   3. Organizational and Personal Learning
   4. Valuing Faculty, Staff, and Partners
   5. Agility
   6. Focus on the Future
   7. Managing for Innovation
   8. Management by Fact
   9. Social Responsibility
   10. Focus on Results and Creating Value
   11. Systems Perspective
The Core Values/Best Practices are embodied in seven Categories, as follows:
   1. Leadership
   2. Strategic Planning
   3. Student and Stakeholder Focus
   4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
   5. Faculty and Staff Focus
   6. Process Management
   7. Performance Results