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LCAP 2021-24 Draft

This is an opportunity to comment on the draft LCAP.  This survey for public comment will close on Friday, June 25th.


LCAP stands for Local Control and Accountability Plan.


Families, community members, and staff provided input on the Draft 2021-2024 LCAP for the 2021-2022 school year through various engagement opportunities with CAL stakeholders, including but not limited to: Parent and staff surveys, reopening committee meetings, curriculum committee meetings, public hearing and board meetings, parent workshops and CAL community meetings. An overview of the LCAP was also presented to the English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) and School-Site Council (SSC), and to CAL’s governing board on during the June 12, 2021.


CAL’s 2021-2024 LCAP Goals and Actions DRAFT was developed through a Comprehensive Needs Assessment including input from stakeholder surveys (parents and staff), review of student assessment and school data, and review of CAL’s previous LCAP goals and actions and 2020-21 Learning Continuity & Attendance Plan (LCP) goals and actions.  


As a result CAL’s Leadership Team developed 5 Goals focused on the following:


  • Developing an environment that contributes to student success
  • Ensuring a high quality instructional program that supports the growth of all students:
  • English Learning Progress
  • Sustaining school and family collaboration
  • Creating a positive learning community


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