Welcome to Ms. Peterson’s Second Grade Class!

NO SCHOOL on CAL's campus: 3/16 - 5/28 

Per LAUSD, CAL will be closing the school's campus for the rest of the year to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Instruction and interaction will continue every day, online. Please continue to check ClassDojo for updates.  All assignments will be posted on the Class Story on our ClassDojo page, as well as linked on this site!  May we all stay health, happy, and safe!

A little information about me:
*I am an educated, loving, patient, and enthusiastic teacher. I have known that I wanted to become a teacher since the fourth grade! I attended Pomona College in Claremont where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. I then attended Claremont Graduate University where I earned my Master of Arts in Education along with my teaching credential. I am excited to have the privilege to teach!

*I am here to educate my students in order to make sure that they learn all of the second grade state standards so that they will be well prepared for third grade and the rest of their lives! I am also here to love and nurture my students so that they grow into excited learners and prosperous members of society!

*I will do this by being loving but firm. I will come to school ready to teach. I will teach with excitement so that my students want to learn. I will speak clearly and slowly and will gladly answer any and all questions that my students might have. I will assign homework as a review of the day’s lesson, use formal and informal assessments to track student progress, and work individually with students as often as possible. I will keep track of my students’ academic progress and I will celebrate improvement. I will keep their parents/guardians informed of this progress so that we can work and grow together. I will do my best to make learning fun and exciting. Together, we will set goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Realistic, and Time-bound. We will do this by using the PDSA method: Planning=how we will meet these goals, Doing =implementing the steps to meet our goals and then collecting data, Studying= analyzing the results of our data and reviewing what did or did not work, and Acting= keeping what has worked and/or changing/adding what we need to add to the plan to reach our goal.