Getting a great picture is easy and fun. Just remind your kids to think about a few basics ahead of time.
check Check your hair and shirt collar at camera time
check Refresh makeup for a flawless portrait (for older teens)
check Practice your smile
check Remember good posture
check Wear your best colors
check Relax and smile at the camera as if it’s your best friend
check Be yourself and have fun

Wondering how to dress for Portrait Day? Lifetouch has nearly 70 years of experience to guide you toward your best look.
B42_Solids Choose solid colors or simple patterns that complement the portrait’s background
B42_darks Medium to dark shades create a timeless look
Soft Shades Soft shades enhance lighter backgrounds
Slogans Avoid shirts with slogans as photo cropping can cut words in half
Long_Sleeves Long-sleeved shirts are best since short sleeves can be distracting and sleeveless tops can look too casual
Earrings Select small accessories that do not detract, such as simple earrings, pins and necklaces

Plan for a portrait to remember by:

Haircut Scheduling a haircut two weeks before Portrait Day
Supplies Sending hair and makeup supplies to school with your child for quick touch-ups (for older teens)
SkinTones Limiting exposure to the sun a few days before Portrait Day 
Nails Making sure nails are trimmed and clean as hands may show in portrait (spring only)

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