Facility Maintenance Request

Operations & Maintenance

The Center for Advanced Learning believes that the focus of our maintenance program is to provide safe, clean, attractive grounds and facilities - inside and out - for students to learn, play, and develop. We also strive to provide the best teaching environment possible for our staff. Appearance and safety standards are very high so that students learn to take pride in their school. The CAL community views our school facility with a great deal of pride.

What Is Maintenance?

The necessary repair and upkeep of existing facility. This includes the buildings, their associated environmental systems such as heating or cooling, and surrounding landscaped grounds and play areas.

How Do I Request Maintenance Work?

Non-emergency items shall be addressed through the use of the work request form on line through the CAL website. Fill out the appropriate parts of this form and submit. Once received, the request will be assigned and scheduled for completion. Do not phone in non-emergency work orders.

If an emergency exists (defined as a situation that affects the life or safety of students and staff, or causes disruption to the educational process), call the Principal or the Director of Operations. Immediate action will be taken.


To submit a maintenance or repair request for a location within the Center for Advanced Learning, please provide the following information.

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