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Happy Friday :) Week 1 of School Closure Recap

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Happy Friday! I hope your first week of “school work at home” went well! I hope you are getting the hang of this :) Please show these two videos to your student. I will be calling all of you at home starting this weekend or Monday to see how you are doing and how on track with your work you are. If you have fallen behind on any of the assigned work for this week, please do your best to catch up on it over the weekend- especially since there is no homework :) I will be calling each of you starting this weekend or on Monday to see how you’re all doing with it. I will also be asking who has devices/internet at home to complete activities and who does not. Also, in the meantime, If you are able- go ahead and send me some pictures of your intentions from this week. I would love to read them! :) Thank you so much to the students who have been sending me messages that confirm they are done with their work for the day. The more you all message me, the more I know that you’re all here, doing your work, and seeing my posts! If you haven’t send me a message yet please try to! I would love to hear from you all.
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