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Executive Director's Message


Welcome to the Center for Advanced Learning. As Executive Director, my mission is to provide the administrative leadership and support to ensure continuous improvement of the CAL community by fostering curriculum development, best practices and academic excellence for all students. 

When we look at reports developed by the U.S. Department of Labor, an "educated person" in the 21st Century will need to know (with a degree of certainty) how to:

  • Acquire, manage, critically analyze and use information in many mediums,
  • Communicate effectively using spoken words, written text and symbols (mathematical & graphic),
  • Think creatively and logically to reach informed decisions,
  • Adapt to change and work within a multicultural society,
  • Use continuous improvement systems and practices in problem solving, strategic planning and process management.
An "educated person" in the 21st century will also need a solid foundation of knowledge in Math, Science, History, and Language Arts in order to provide him or her with a context to understand and interpret new information and problems and the ability to communicate with others. To build on this foundation and adapt to this ever-changing world, an "educated person" will further need to have a passion for learning how to learn, be self motivated and driven to learn throughout his or her life. They will also be expected to acquire extensive computer skills.
To achieve these goals, CAL will strive to create a dynamic educational environment that focuses on quality educational experiences, fostering educational excellence, promoting the use of innovative curriculum, and accommodating the demands of a diverse student population. We are dedicated to preparing our students to communicate precisely, work cooperatively, think creatively, and initiate action as they prepare to participate in a global society. 
In addition to working to achieve these goals, I will serve as a liaison between the CAL community, LAUSD, organizations, businesses, and foundations to give our institution the benefit of all resources available.