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Hello CAL Families,
Welcome to CAL's Virtual Physical Fitness & Activity page. We believe physical activity is a major part of student overall growth and development as it increases brain activity. We are aware that our health and physical well being is just as important as our academic growth. The Stay-at-Home order was put into effect to protect communities from the spread of the COVID-19 threat. However, we are doing our part to provide our students with access to physical play and fitness while they are immobile.  
We are so proud of our staff in moving forward with providing virtual academic instruction in such a short amount of time. Now that we have been able to establish our academic instruction, we want to ensure that our students are receiving physical activity instruction  on a daily basis.
Our team has put together activities that are grade level appropriate. Please visit the specific grade level link for your children to participate in the 20 - 30 minute activities daily. These activities are not mandatory; however, we do encourage students to participate and to build a routine that will help  strengthen their muscles as well as have a little fun! 
As we say here at CAL...Excellence is our only option!