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Alpha! Innovation Through Education - Free Tutoring

Alpha gives your child the kind of one-to-one attention he or she needs to catch up quickly and stay ahead in future academic endeavors. We offer academic evaluations and personalized learning programs, students get precisely the help they need from Alpha Our highly qualified tutors/instructors do more than help students; they provide an access point to engaging tutoring sessions and an unforgettable learning experience that ignites their thirst for knowledge. We accomplish this feat by teach them how to think, learn and, ultimately, how to succeed on their own. Setting your child on this path to success begins with a phone call.

Physical Fitness Testing (PFT)

Each spring, all schools are required to administer the state-designated Physical Fitness Test (PFT) to all students in grades five, seven, and nine during the annual assessment window beginning on February 1 and ending on May 31 of each year.
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